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Our composite hoses have wide applications in many industries, and they can be divided into many kinds according to the application, such as chemical composite hose, petroleum composite hose, high temperature composite hose, cryogenic composite hose, biofuel and biodiesel composite hose, vapor recovery composite hose, bottom loading composite hose and fire retardant composite hose.

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Vapor recovery composite hose
Chemical Composite Hose

Good pressure and temperature resistance, The highest working pressure can be up to 4.0Mpa,and it works well at the temperature of -40C to +180C.It is resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemical fluids,besides, it has excellent corrosion resistant property.

Vapor recovery composite hose
Petroleum composite

Mainly used to transfer petroleum.And it can be divided into four kinds based on the application areas: Tanker composite hose, marine composite hose,Dock composite hose,and light oil composite hose.

Vapor recovery composite hose
High temperature composite hose

Good resistant to oil and corrosion.It works very well in the working conditions of high pressure and high temperature.The working temperature can range from -30C to 180C.It is suitable for the heavy duty suction and discharge of petroleum products in dockside and ship to shore.

Vapor recovery composite hose
Cryogenic composite hose

Can work well at extremely low temperature.The lowest working temperature of cryogenic composite hose is -70C.It can be used to transfer a number of low temperature fluids,such as butadiene,the mixture of butane and propane,ethyl chloride,methyl bromide,polypropylene,refrigerant gases,liquefied natural gas(LNG) and liquid nitrogen.

Vapor recovery composite hose
Biofuel and biodiesel composite hose

Has good flexibility.And it is light weight.It is resistant to abrasion,ozone, and UV rays.Inner wire is made from stainless steel or aluminum to reduce weight.Outer wire is made from galvanized mild steel or stainless steel wire.And the cover is made from polypropylene fabrics and films with abrasion resistant PVC coated fabric.

Vapor recovery composite hose
Vapor recovery composite hose

Is light weight and flexible. It works well at the temperature of -40C to 150C.It is mainly used to transfer hydrocarbon vapor and it is also used in the petroleum industry.


Composite Hose Installation Rules or Guide

A wide range of composite hoses cover various applications. This could be to carry chemical vapor recovery and mineral oils and acids. Rugged, lightweight design and flexibility make the composite hoses easy to use. However if customers cannot use correctly, they will be damaged in the daily use. In order to give customers a better knowledge of composite hose installation therefore we offer composite hose guides to achieve the best results.

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